Sabbath School

Each Sabbath, our church members are invited to join with a class of their choice and explore Biblical truths together. Sabbath School provides a safe environment to ask questions, share faith experiences and get to know Jesus better through shared, interactive Bible study in a small group setting. Read about our groups below and choose the one best suited to your needs. Classes start at 10am. 

Conference Lesson Group

In the main body of our church, you'll find the class that follows the Sabbath School lesson guide provided by the Seventh Day Adventist Church conference. This quarter the lesson's focus is REST IN CHRIST. You can follow along at home by clicking this link.

Oasis: Sabbath School for Women

Realising that women have a desire and need to find rest and purpose, this group was created as a sanctuary for the soul. Using the Discovery Bible Method join women going deeper into the Bible and finding who we are and whose we are. Led by our leading elder Wendy and Melissa, the group is currently working through the gospel of Mark. You'll find the Oasis room downstairs in the church building, across from the Jets room.

TRAC Group

Pondering big questions, deep diving into topics and exploring these through a theological lens, the group meets in the seminar room of the Talbot Road Activity Centre (TRAC Hall). Bring your topics, questions and be prepared for an open, honest and thoughtful discussion with the facilitators, Ken and Cameron.

Interested in hearing about mission experiences and projects that our global church community supports throughout the year, come to the main sanctuary space from 9:30am each week for preliminaries.